Go to the album HLTR SKLTR The Mariner Released May 1st! The Mariner! A story about hunting a beast of the deep, based on the story Call of Cthulhu. Available now at all major music outlets. (Spotify, YouTube...)

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HLTR SKLTR is an American Metal/Rock band located in St. Louis, MO. Founded by Henry Savage.

A blend of influences across multiple genres, ranging from metal and rock, to electronic music.


The Mariner - 2022

The Mariner is the story of a diver in search of a beast of the deep, inspired by the story Call of Cthulhu.

01. Dreams 00:16
02. The Depths 00:22
03. Black Seas of Death 00:22
04. Witness the Beast 00:30
05. The Sun Won't Shine 00:24
06. Illusions 00:26
07. The Dream God Wakes 00:25
08. Gods and Monsters 00:19